The experience

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Buffalo Bills own

              DJ Milk 

"I think Organic Gentlemen's club is a great idea. They are providing people with a well thought out, sophisticated look in a good price range."

"It was nice to be able to show up and hear 'Yo, here's something that I picked out for you that I think looks good."

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Certified Public Accountant

"I was looking for a professional look and the personal styling defiantly gave me that. I gained more confidence in the office and in myself. I also learned how to shop efficiently on my own. Prior to this I used to think it was expensive to dress nice, I no longer think that".


Founder & Audio Engineer of      JaceBeats 

"It was a personalized experience that was not only educational but eye opening. I think most perceived fashion and dressing sharp requires an arm and a leg but I learned that's not the case."

 "Before you speak, a person can have a perception of who you are by what you're wearing."

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