Be the debonair in any room for today and tomorrow!

1. Personal Styling/ Image Consulting

Our personalized services are meant to take clients from the original mindset of "I don't need to dress up, having a stylist makes no sense" to "Thank you, can you help me get ready for this event" or "I have this coming up what do you recommend." We love the instant gratification that our clients receive. It's more than fashion, it is about building a foundation to help revel to the world who you are on the inside. We understand that you may be a bit hesitant. Which is why we offer a free 30 minute consultation.

 2. Enrichment Club

Enters in google search engine "How do you tie a tie?". You make countless attempts but none are successful. Now you have the choice to either wear a clip on tie from the 6th grade or forget the tie. Forgot to mention that your running late for a corporate job interview. What are you going to do?  Well, we hope that you're never placed in that predicament.

Our student enrichment club is based on providing proper support to those in transition to adulthood. We understand especially being apart of the millennial generation. There is not a strong emphasis placed on how you should present your self in the "real world".   Our core focus is to educate students with the tools to conduct themselves in a honorable manor. Each student will be able to apply actionable skills to be prepared for career defining moment.