Elijah Tyson CEO of Hustle Aesthetic

Elijah Tyson CEO of Hustle Aesthetic

 Getting styled by O.G.

Rule number one, we must understand that you are a living and breathing version of your business card. Essentially, you must own your brand whether that is in you personal or professional life. First impressions matter as much as we would like to discount them. Aim to leave a favorable impression that will lead you in the direction of closing that business deal, receiving that promotion, making a new business contact, and more. When you look good you feel good as cliche as that may sound. 

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 College and Career Readiness

What is one of the most powerful tools in the world? Exposure! 

Upholding to the definition of an Organic Gentlemen, we seek to inspire and uplift students as they are transitioning to adulthood.

Our mission is to provide proper support to students by embracing learning beyond the classroom. We cover topics such as professional development, transitioning from high school to college, financial literacy, healthy lifestyle, entrepreneurship and much more.

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